How White Fillings Are Better than the Silver Fillings

How White Fillings Are Better than the Silver Fillings

We all see people suffering from decayed teeth or with severe cavities. In the past, there was a way out, and that was to fill up the gaps with a silver filling and give support to the teeth. Now we have white fillings comprising of tooth-colored plastic and glass mixture to replace the decayed teeth. These composite teeth have been suitable replacements for the old tooth and giving a natural look to the smiles.

The procedure will require the orthodontist to place the composite one on top of the other and hardening it by light. Finally, the dentist will shape these teeth after setting all the layers well. The final polishing of these teeth is essential to give it a natural look and finish. Unless the doctor polishes, this new tooth will also wear out fast.

White Fillings Vs. Silver Fillings

The silver fillings may be cheaper, but considering the longevity the white fillings is worth.

The white fillings give better color and look very natural to the rest of the tooth. The silver fillings do not blend well; rather, they are visible and stand out of the league.

Composite white filling tooth blend with the rest of the tooth in the row and become keen to get a structure and layout.

A big reason for people today, opting for white dental filling is because the silver filling contains mercury. Though this will not lead to severe mercury poisoning or any such stuff, the popular demand is the white tooth filling.

Who can Go for Tooth Filling?

People ignore cavities and later on, it may even create abscess if one does not treat it. One might get severe toothache if one does not take care of the teeth in time. People get cavities in teeth which do not get cleaned well.

Today, many dental insurance plans are available offering the best solutions to those willing to go for these fillings. There are specific plans only for the silver fillings while other companies offer plans for both white and silver filling. A dentist at NoHo will know the best methods to give you the best fillings for teeth. However, whatever you do, never take the toothache lightly and consult a dentist as soon as you get pain. A tooth filling is not just a cosmetic solution but also a treatment from cavities.

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