Can Orthodontist Help With Proper Facial Appearance?

Can Orthodontist Help With Proper Facial Appearance?


An orthodontist has a lot to do with teeth growth, jaw alignment, and cosmetic teething.  These pose an excellent influence on the proper facial appearance, which has made many superficial beauty seekers turn to the orthodontist.

Dentists who are specialized in cosmetic dentistry, teeth, and jaw placements are known as orthodontists. They undergo an additional post-graduation after the usual dentistry course to excel in orthodontia.  They are found in very fewer numbers than conventional dentists. The standard treatments they offer are cosmetic tooth implants, teeth alignment via braces and surgery, jaw adjustments. The tooth alignment and bite alignment are the most common reasons for visiting an orthodontist.

Can Orthodontist make Facial Changes? How?

To start with, orthodontists are specialized dentists who are capable of altering your facial features to an extent. They can normalize the facial features on the lower part that is below the nose area that is occupied by jawbones and teeth. Though they have a limited possibility, they work to improve the smile of every patient.

How they do it is by using various cosmetic techniques that vary with age and severity of misalignment found. It is mostly with braces that they bring back the teeth to the intended place, which can cure tooth gapping, tooth protrusion and other defects. Surgery is very rare with modern medical advancements in orthodontia. Let us see how a specialized dentist can address this.

Smile and The facial appearance in various age categories

  • Children (7–10 years of age): Children are prone to issues even during the growth of the final set of teeth like gaping and multi-layer growth without falling of milk teeth. Other matters like finger sucking and snoring can be easily eliminated in this age with orthodontist consultation.
  • Adolescent: Adolescence is the perfect time to align the teeth and reset facial imbalance. Because it is the age, adult teeth are complete but tender. They are the most responsive ever during this period; hence most dental clinics recommend putting on braces for quicker recovery.
  • Adults: Treating your teeth for alignment in adulthood is a dangerous task. You can slight alignment with the help of braces. However, if you have tried and failed with braces during your adolescence now is the time dentists consider operating your jaw bone to eliminate the over biting and under biting problems.

Visiting an orthodontist yearly or while having doubt misalignment of your teeth makes for a more comfortable solution. The delay adds the difficulty of bringing back the smile and facial aspects.

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