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Teeth Whitening at NoHo Smile Center


Do you have an important event coming up? Would you like to consider a fast and affordable way to whiten up your smile? If you’re looking for a teeth whitening service, our 1-hour whitening is perfect for those looking for instant results.

We offer the exclusive Opalescence Boost whitening system that can enhance your smile in just under an hour. This product has a 40% formula of hydrogen peroxide.  Also, it is chemically activated so you don’t have to sit under the hot light to work.

Such whitening system is synonymous with ‘quality’.  Thus, it is the leading whitening product in the industry. It is manufactured by the renown Ultradent. Finally, all Gels and take home syringes are manufactured in Utah, under the highest standards of quality control.

If you’re curious about our teeth whitening service, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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