How To Care For Your Pearly Whites After Getting Dental Implants

How To Care For Your Pearly Whites After Getting Dental Implants

Has your dentist recommended you to go for dental implants for replacing the roots of the teeth and the crown? This is one of the most preferred methods these days to fill in the place of a missing tooth. They look exactly like a natural tooth that no one will spot the difference anyhow.

The dental surgeons will screw in posts on the jaw line and the replacement of the false tooth in the missing area. The total tooth replacement may be for a single tooth or the entire row. It may depend upon the dental clinic, but they may do the replacement in a day or more than one sessions.

Points to Take Care after Dental Implants

  • Do not remove the sponge placed in your mouth to control bleeding after the surgery.
  • Don’t go for excessive movement for up to 12 hours after the surgery.
  • Do not eat hard to chew foods or drink alcohol for at least 48 hours after the tooth implant. Eat light and drink water in room temperature only.
  • Avoid scorching foods and take nourishing foods only.
  • To reduce swelling, place an ice pack on your face after the surgery. Rinse your mouth with gentle warm water with salt. Do not use brush and toothpaste.

In case of any excessive pain or non-stop bleeding consult the emergency dentist.

Tips to Care in the Coming Weeks

Now as the days pass, you will find the teeth is taking time to blend in with the rest of the natural ones nearby. It will take time from one person to the other. The swelling will reduce with every passing day, but it is advisable to remember you have dental implants before doing anything harsh.

It is better not to eat hard stuff or ignore regular brushing twice a day and rinsing with mouth wash as the doctor recommends. The soreness in the gums will last many weeks, and it is better not to have very cold foods like frozen ice lollies or drink piping hot drinks. Many people ignore visits to the dentists, but for healing faster, weekly or fortnightly visits to the dentist is advisable.

The dentist might take X-rays and see the development and even analyze the overall gum health. Taking expert advise regularly will save you any emergency conditions in the coming days.

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