4 Essential Things To Know Before Deciding On Veneers

4 Essential Things To Know Before Deciding On Veneers


If you are tired of braces and looking for cosmetic ways to improve your smile, you already know veneers are the next best option. This article is all about keeping you informed before you decide on getting veneers.

Cosmetic dentistry, though a part of a dental clinic is different from general dentistry dealing with tooth extraction and stuff. They aim at improving the aesthetic aspect of the dental department. They concentrate on teeth alignment, jaw position and improvising the looks with the help of veneers. Veneers are nothing but a permanent porcelain coat over the teeth to modify the shape and structure of the existing tooth as per requirements. Veneers are purely cosmetic, to have a better appearance and a beautiful smile.

Here are a few things you need to know about cosmetic veneering

  • Veneers are not the only Option: Veneers being quick and easy are opted most often. However, there are other options as well. Like tooth whitening to get rid of the yellow, and braces to position the teeth properly. In most cases, veneers are the best but for that reason do not blindly go for veneering without considering the alternates.
  • Replicate a Smile: It is tough to even for the best cosmetic dentist to replicate the fake smiles of others. This depends on the state of the teeth before masking with porcelain. If you are lucky, you might be eligible for similar teeth. The outcome is dependent on the skills of the dentist So, choose the right dentist who has enough knowledge of it and understands you better. Moreover, you can check the before after results from previous patients.
  • Be Clear with Your Expectation: Do not have high rocket expectations. Everyone wants a clear white tooth at the end of veneers fixture.  However, most of our tooth is yellow-white or grey-white which makes it difficult for a dental assistant to match the colors of veneered teeth with default ones.
  • Verify the Models: Once you have put out your requirements, a temporary version is made.  This is for verification of both the dentist and yourself. Check for the looks and dimensions to make sure what you get because making changes after this stage is not quite easy.

After getting it done, be prepared to face the initial discomfort and maintenance routines.  It will take a bit before feeling comfortably normal with your altered teeth.

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